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Hot Rod South specializes in restoring Bel Air's to drive and perform better than when they were new by incorporating today's technologies. Our specialty is in the 1955 to 1957 Chevy Bel Air. After many years in the auto customizing business we decided to open a small shop which caters to the high end, full restoration of America's most popular car. Our focus is on perfection while using a small crew to maintain the highest level of quality and attention to detail.

Our Restoration Process:

The first step is to understand the customers desire, figure a time frame, and provide an estimated cost.
If the customer already owns a car,  we begin by striping the car to it's bare metal and determine the amount of sheet metal work that's needed (bondo is NOT an option) If the customer does not own a car we can assist in finding one as well.
We operate out of 3 different locations to keep the process rolling at a good pace and help keep things organized.
After striping the car down and assessing the body work needed, we order all new sheetmetal and we get started on the body work. Soon after the sheetmetal work is completed the painting process begins.
While the car is being painted at our bodyshop, the frame, engine, suspension, and brakes get assembled at our second shop location.
Once the painting is completed, the body is installed onto the frame and the glass is mounted. At this point we're ready  to rewire the entire car which includes the AC unit, stereo componets and all power options.
The final step  required to make the job complete is to add the interior. The new interior is installed at our carpet and upholstery facility.
Once the car has been completed, a thorough inspection is performed on every inch of the car. We then test drive and fine tune the vehicle before delivery is made.

Our cars are built to last and to be driven while winning at car shows.

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